Thank you to all of our donors from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.
We truly appreciate your support!

Individual Donors (January 1 to December 31, 2017)

Dianne Appleton and David Ach
Judy and Doug Adams
Lois and Robert Adams
Parviz Alinejad
Josefina Alvarez
Elaine and Dudley Anderson
Lisa Brown and Robert Anderson
Janice and William Anderson
Barbara and George Andreini
Mary and Robert Antone
Susan and David Apfelberg
Maria Campos and Antonio Ariza
Sandy and Fen Arton
Beverly Barkhau
Sharon and Rodger Barkoff
Judi Beisler
Jan and Larry Birenbaum
Kim and Brad Bishop
Mark Blattel
Barbara and Arnold Bloom
Mary Jane Bogoger
Michelle and Roy Bolton
Jayne Booker
Mitch Bourgault
Faith Braff
Cammie Brodie
Jean and Gary Bronstein
Sheila and David A. Brown
Susan Brown
Kathy Bulman
Marylou and Robert Busch
Laurisa Cabezas
Susan and Scott Carey
Cecilia Carranza
Shawn Cary
Paula and George Chaltas
Thomas Chaltas
Jeanne and Roland Chan
Betsy Chapman
Lay Chee
Helen and Lawrence Chew
Rita Ching
Victor L. Chinn
Lena Chow-Kuhar
Jennifer Pliner and Elay Cohen
Jonah Cohen
Tessa Cohen
Kim Harvey and Kevin Colema
Matthew Collins
Maureen Collins
Kathleen Conner
Jeannie and Terry Conner
Maria Shi and Alexander Cook
Denise and Dave Cote
Stone D. Coxhead
Barrie Rosenberg Cress and John Cress
Trudie Daggett
Sheba Dalaney
Carolyn and Gordon Davidson
Lizbeth and Harold Davis
Lisa and Daniel Decker
Nan and Jerry Dellheim
Robert DeValle
Dorothy and Richard Dorsay
Catherine Hamrick-Down and Ken Down
Venous Farsad and Matthew Downing
Sheila and Jack Dubin
Cosette and Malcolm Dudley
Betty Dvorson
Nicholas Shackelford and Dan Eberhardt
Len Edwards
Robert Eisenberg
Sindy and Ryan Eisenberg
Jill and Christopher Escher
Katie Ewanich
Shana and Luke Farley
Perian Hanlon Fein and Ken Fein
Valerie Fenwick
Rosemary and David Fernandez
Vicki Ferrando
Marsha and Mike Ford
Karen and Randall Fowler
Laurie Frankel
Katherine and Jan Paul Frey
Melanie and Robert Fuller
Teresa and John Gallo
Elaine Gallus
Teri Gallus
Patricia Gardner
Salit Gazit
Marie E. and Russell A. Genna
Deborah and Michael Gennette
Mary and Abraham David Goodman
Mary and Jason Hamada
Adnan Hamed
Mary Louise and Anthony Hanley
Jytte and Erling Hansen
Larri Deane and Michael Hirschklau
Christine and Gregory Hoberg
Kathy Kriese and Tad Hogg
Angela Ann and David Horine
Marissa Nocon and Donald Huey
Kiana and Ronald Huey
Sharmini and Mohan Jacob
Kacey Armstrong and Yohann Jacob
Mary Ann Jankord
Rebecca Krebs and Allan Day Jergesen
Margaret and James Jimenez
Irene Litherland and Dhruvkumar Joshi
Carol Korzow and Karl Kadie
Nancy and David Kalkbrenner
Rosemary and Daniel Kaplan
Christine and Kenneth Kasik
Melissa Sheehan and Matt Katich
Sylvia and Jim Katzman
Ginny Kavanaugh
Sharon and Tom Kelley
Donna and Liam Kelly
Kathie Klarreich
Sue Klarreich
Abigail Knudson
Sandra K. Bruce and Paul Knudson
Betsy and Gary Kohn
Wanda Kownacki
Rochelle and David Kramer
Ryuko and Joseph Kulakofsky
Nina and Norm Kulgein
Vandana Rao and Paritosh Kulkarni
Deborah Rosenberg and Edith Kulstein
Jeanne and Bill Kunz
Lynn Mannix and John Kunz
Evelyn Huey and John Kuo
Carole and Alan Kushnir
Lynn and Gary LaMar
Anadel Law
Violet Lee
Nancy and William Lee
Helen and George Leong
George Leong Jr.
Virginia Levick
Ellen Levitas
Janet and Jesse Levy
Gloria and Ken Levy
Judy Huey and Leland Levy
Melanie Meyer and Bryan Lewis
Helen S. Lewis
Barbara Shapiro and Mark Lewis
Shannon Lieginger
Linda and Ernest Lima
Patricia and Frank Lima
Stephen Lima
Julianna Lin
Ilona and Charles Lindauer
Stephanie Leong and Russell Lindgren
Valerie Lipman
Naomi and Brian Love
Velta-Nicole Lyn
Linda and Jeremy Lyon
Sonia Maez
Elinor and Richard Mansfield
Ginny and Todd Marans
Janis and Terry Marshall
Kevin May
Mary McCann
Nancy and John McCrady
Keiichi McGuire
Jesse McLeod
Tamar Mednick
Tulin and Anthony Melton
Joanne and Samuel Meredith
Yuli and Dan Mihaylov
Shirin Miri
Sidhant Misra
Tricia and Amir Mohammadian
Maureen Panganiban and James Moses
Ashley Mozart
Heather Mozart
John Mozart
John Forrest Mozart
Justin Mozart
Mary Mulkins
Mims Munro
Barbara Murphy
Beatriz and Sergio Nacht
Lee and Merrill E. Newman
Avy Nielsen
Mary Ann Norfleet
Firas Noueihed
Yvonne Olivero
Henry Organ
Charlene and Leo Ott
Suzy and David Pai
Jin and Chong Park
Rob Parker
Linda and Marc Parkinson
Victoria and Simon Parrott
Smita and Kaushik Patel
Pam and James Patterson
Rachel and David J. Paul
Gail and Jeffery Pederson
Maura Pederson
Christine Pezzi
Eleanor Rieffel and William Phillips
Paul Pingle
Carol and Michael Pliner
Charles Polanski
Alexander Powers
Travis Prejean
Lori and Harry Price
Beth Proudfoot
Ofelia and Ruben Puno
Iravati Hingne and Gopi Rangan
Judy Reed
Ursula Reganos
Catherine and Lonnie Reichstein
Laura and Marty Reininger
Patrice Lee Maginnis and Eric Rice
Patti and Jim Rice
Stephanie H. and Paul J. Riehle
Ilene Sokoloff and Victor Ringel
Lora and Dave Riopel
Sylvia Rivera
Barbara Robinson
Bev Rohde
Sue Barsamian and Bill Romans
Louella Romero
Victor Rosasco
Nancy Rubenstein
Sue and Mike Sabes
Lori and Nathan Saito
Susan Salisbury
Nancy and Frank Sammann
Antoinette Sarraille
Lisa and Thomas Sarsfield
Dorothy Saxe
Betty Schink
Andrea and Harvey Schloss
Robert Schneider
Janet Levy and Richard Schwartz
Mara Segal
Lakshmi Seshadri
Claudia and Hitesh Shah
Sally and Joel Shaps
Pat and Jim Sharp
Bonnie Siegel
Barbara and David Silverstein
Elisa and Tom Simmons
Peggy and Art Stauffer
Maryann and Grover Steele
Cindy Steffel
Elizabeth Steinberg
Alice Erber and Rob Steinberg
Petalyn Stewart
Bonnie and Lee Stone
Shuley Nakamura and Ron Swinnich
Nancy Taggart
Judy Bogard-Tanigami and Hideyuki Tanigami
Jennifer and Jonas Tegnerud
Cynthia Tevis
Archana Rao and Raghu Thiagarajan
Judith and Allan Thompson
Gail J. and Edward F. Thompson
Doris Tougas
Michael Sasso and Rob Tufel
Margaret and Charles Tuggle
Dewayne Tully
Ellen and Michael Turbow
Sandy and Rick Van Mell
Dolly Vasil
Tammie and Eric Vaughn
Harriette Vega-Kimbouri
Jennifer Vessels
Yunqing and Changting Wang
Karen and Donald Watters
Katrina and Scott Watters
Brian Way
Robin and Donald Wayne
Lisa Christian Weidanz and Charlie Weidanz
Cathy and Leon Wentz
Ankolena West
Connie Kleinjans and Mike Weston
Betsy and Dan White
Vilma Wilczynski
Elaine and Hubert Willman
Karin Klarreich and Walter Wilson
Judy and William Wilson
June Huey and Glenn C. Wong
Ann Wright
Denise and Joseph Ziony
Susan and Gary Zweig
Abbott, Stringham & Lynch
Amazon Smile Foundation
American Online Giving Foundation
Apple Inc.
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Beta Sigma Phi
Bolton & Company
Box Tops
Bright Funds Foundations
Catholic Community Foundation of Santa Clara County
Cisco Systems
Columbian Foundation for People with Intellectual Disabilities, Inc
The Dayton Foundation
deLemos Properties
Donate for Charity Inc.
E2K Events & Entertainment
eBay Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Google Inc.
Guzik Foundation
Hub International
IBM Employee Services Center
Jewish Federation of Greater San Jose
Just Give
Morgan Stanley
Moss Adams LLP
Mutual of America
Petrinovich Pugh & Company, LLP
PG&E Corporation Foundation
Presidio Bank, Palo Alto
Quicksilver Running Club of San Jose
San Jose Mercury News
Saratoga-Monte Sereno Community Foundation
Schwab Charitable Fund
Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Southgate Glass & Screen, Inc.
Sports Gallery Authenticated
Taborda Solutions, Inc
TISYS Construction
United Way
Unity Palo Alto Community Church
V R Communications
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Veritas Employment Engagement Fund
Veritas Technologies LLC
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
The Wonderful Giving
Alfaro Family Vineyards
Aligned Fitness
Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria
Aquarium of the Bay
Sharon and Rodger Barkoff
Bay Area Discovery Museum
Beauregard Vineyards
Joanna Steinke Beyer and Roman Beyer
Blossom Hill Crafts
Jefferson Bradshaw
Judith Bragg
Byington Vineyard & Winery
California Academy of Sciences
Cascal Restaurant
Carole and Al Celoni
Chambers & Chambers, Inc.
The Cheesecake Factory
Helen and Lawrence Chew
Children’s Fairyland
Children’s Musical Theater
Classic Car Wash
Maureen Collins
Patty Cullen
Dave & Buster’s of Milpitas
Shelley Doran and Woody DeMayo
Charo Switalski and Paul Eisenman
Shari Emling
Equinox Winery
Jennifer Eslick
The Exploratorium
Fairmont San Jose
Walli Finch
The Fish Market
Christine Smith and John Philip Fleming
Karen and Randall Fowler
Katherine and Jan Paul Frey
Vickie and Russ Fujioka
Gilroy Gardens
Gott’s Roadside
Hanson Bridgett LLP
Happy Hollow Park & Zoo
Larri Deane and Michael Hirschklau
Mary Ann and Russell L. Hobbs
Hobee’s California Restaurants
Homewood Suites By Hilton – Palo Alto
Marilou Isola
J. Lohr Vineyards and Wines
Nancy and David Kalkbrenner
Sharon and Tom Kelley
La Honda Winery
Helen and George Leong
Stephanie Leong – Avon
Stephanie Leong and Russell Lindgren
Loma Prieta Winery
MacArthur Park Restaurant
Ginny and Todd Marans
Mary Anna and Franklin M. Matsumoto
Menlo Grill
Osteria Toscana
Paper Pizzazz!
Smita and Kaushik Patel
Nayana and Viren Patel
Peninsula Symphony
Pier 39
Planet Granite
Carol and Michael Pliner
Pruneridge Golf Club
Barbara Radmacher
Red and White Fleet
Regale Winery and Vineyards
Ridge Vineyards, Inc.
Victor Rosasco
Rosewood Sand Hill
Safeway Store
San Francisco 49ers
San Francisco Ballet
San Francisco MOMA
San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
San Jose Sharks
Savannah Chanelle Vineyards
Sheraton Palo Alto
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic & Spa
Sky High Sports
Joy and Dwight Somersett
The Spa – Los Gatos
Sports Gallery Authenticated
Stanford Athletics
Stanford Jazz Workshop
Stanford Park Hotel
Maryann and Grover Steele
Straits Restaurant
Symphony Silicon Valley
Testarossa Winery
The Tech Museum of Innovation
Susan Thomas
Beverley J Travlos
Triton Musuem of Art
The Walt Disney Family Museum
Vickie and Carl Warden
Westin Palo Alto Hotel
Karin Klarreich and Walter Wilson
Winchester Mystery House
Winter Lodge
Jane and Don Yates