Special Education

AchieveKids has two non-public school campuses located in Palo Alto and East San Jose. We serve over 115 elementary and secondary education students from four Bay Area counties. Throughout our 20 classrooms, students are served at a 1:1 or 2:1 student to staff ratio. AchieveKids is a member of California Association of Private Special Education Schools. For more information go to: www.capses.com.

Highly Individualized Programs

We use a multi-disciplinary approach and blend best practices from the fields of Special Education, Mental Health, Behavior Analysis, Speech and Language, and Vocational Education to develop highly individualized curricula and teaching approaches. Our program is individualized to each student and our approaches are focused on positive practices, communication, community integration and interaction, and are data-driven. Through this multi-faceted approach, the goal is to teach our students the skills necessary to return to their public school or a less restrictive environment. Classrooms are grouped according to age, social and educational needs.

Highly Qualified Staff

Both schools are composed of experienced, highly qualified, special education teachers, mental health clinicians, speech and language pathologists, board certified behavior analysts, vocational and transition coordinators, and program counselors.


We measure our success by ensuring that all students are equipped to achieve according to their own abilities, and to lead a productive life. Technology is a vital educational component at AchieveKids. We use technology wherever it can help our students succeed according to their abilities and needs.

All of our classrooms have computers for students to use. Students have access to the internet as well as cameras, video and projection equipment. This is vital for our higher functioning students’ progress ensuring a smooth transition to public school. Many of our classrooms use online curricula and vimeo boards.

Assistive Technology

  • Text-to-speech devices
  • Large touch screen computers for students who are unable to use a mouse
  • Oversized mouse for students who have difficulty with fine-motor skills