Speech & Language

AchieveKids teacher and student

At AchieveKids, speech therapists work with students individually, in classrooms, on the job, and in community environments to improve communications skills. Techniques are focused on helping students understand and acquire not only language but the social uses of language to enable them to participate more fully in their community.

Alternative Communication Methods

For students who do not use spoken language, we teach alternative communication methods including Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), individualized communication books, boards and automated devices. Students use these tools to communicate and actively participate in various social situations.

Applying What They Learn

AchieveKids recognizes that only through experience can language be learned. To help our students reach their communication goals, skills are developed through a variety of programs that can include: poetic expressions, eye contact, taking turns in conversation, use of appropriate words in social conversation, critical thinking exercises and dramatic plays.