About Us


AchieveKids schools provide individualized and multi-disciplinary programs that deliver special education, mental health, and family support services for students ages 5 to 22 that have complex and often severe developmental, emotional, and behavioral challenges.


AchieveKids students will achieve the maximum possible self-reliance and quality of life, and look to the future with confidence.


  • We meet our kids where they are.
  • We take our kids where they need to go.
  • We treat everyone with respect and dignity.


Over 57 years ago, a group of deeply-committed parents created a space where their children could interact, regardless of their challenges. Their vision was for each child to reach their potential, achieve greater self-reliance, and gain more independence. In August, 1960 these parents established a center where day care and treatment could be professionally provided to their children while they continued to live at home. This initial dream served as the catalyst for the birth of AchieveKids. Today, our staff provides special education and mental health services to students between the ages of 5 and 22 at our campuses in Palo Alto and San Jose. They are supported by collaborative corporate partners within the community who provide vocational opportunities for students over age 16 as well as numerous volunteers who help raise funds and serve on various committees.